Beard Styling Comb VT1741
Our beard styling comb can be used with razors
or clippers. Helps create multiple beard shapes,
styles and symmetry. Keeping the beard wellgroomed
eliminating knots and tangles.
Easy to use.

Hair Gripper
4 ½” x 2 ½”
Our easy to use hair grippers help section off
hair for easy and more accurate cutting without
damaging or pulling the hair.
Available in Black or Red

Powder Bottle VT173
Refi llable powder spray bottle features a nozzle
sprayer for applying powder and talc. The unique
interior mechanism helps gather the product
towards the inner tube, allowing for maximum
product usage. Features a locking mechanism to
help prevent spillage.

Silicone Bottle VT172
The Silicone hair fi ber atomizer bottle by Vincent
helps apply micro hair fibers with precise
coverage. Perfect for use on the head or facial
hair. This silicone bottle distributes the micro
hair fiber evenly to the specifi c thinning areas.
Controlled, precision application every time.

Palm Brush
With firm boar bristles this brush is good for giving a quick brush between clipper passes. The loop allows for easy handling in the inside or outside of the hand. Wrapping around the fi ngers and allows full function of the hand.

Classic Neck Duster 6”

Made with a natural fi ber and
ergonomic wood handle this
neck duster is soft to the touch.
Features a metal hook for
easy storage.

PSI Razors
Features a rounded shaving head and the perfect amount of blade exposure providing a soft and smooth shaving experience. Spring-mounted, one-touch mechanism for fast and easy blade loading. Simply pinch the razor head and the blade will drop out. The razor head can easily be dismantled and cleaned from the inside by rinsing with water. Includes a free Countertop CRS.

Vincent Backpack
The Backpack made with barbers and their tools in mind. With plenty of storage to easily fit all your barber or hairstylist tools and accessories. Features compartments for Clippers, shears, combs, a laptop/tablet and small pockets for cords, blades, or other items. features dividers to keep your items organized and extra padding to keep it all protected.

VT10303 Vincent Backpack: Black
VT10304 Vincent Backpack: Beige
VT10300 Vincent Backpack: Vintage Gold
VT10302 Vincent Backpack: Vintage Silver
VT10305 Vincent Backpack: Hunter Green
VT10301 Vincent Backpack: Vintage Red

Black Countertop Tray
24” x 11” x 3”, 6.1 lbs.
Made with the professional and their tools in mind. Featuring the sleek and bold black look of our elevating trays with the red fabric lining, it brings organization and protection to the work station. The tray has six tall slots with notches for your clippers, a removable neck strip dispenser, twelve removable slots for clipper guides and a smaller compartment. The tray can be elevated and includes a slide-out lid.


VT300-9 Paddle Razor: Black & Gold
VT300-8 Paddle Razor: Walnut & Silver

Uses Vincent VT300B or any standard 45mm (1 ¾”) double-edge blade. Heavy high-quality aluminum plastic handle with wood print. Rust and tarnish resistant. No need to snap double-edge blades, just open the razor and flip the blade. More safe and secure than standard razor handles. One-second loading. Excellent weight balance for comfortable maneuvering.

Rolling Mastercase Collection
The Mastercase with plenty of storage for all your barber or hairstylist tools. Features wheels and retractable handle for easy traveling. Our popular black clipper tray with red lining. A removable compartment. Storage for blow dryers, straighteners, curling irons etc.

Junior Mastercase Collection
The Mastercase that is perfect for the barber, cosmetologist, nail stylist, and hair stylist. Features 5 compartment that are lined in red fabric. A removable insert tray with an additional 5 compartment. Elastic belts on the lid to secure smaller items like combs, razor, brushes etc. Available in: gold, black, red, silver, pink, and bronze.

Bamboo Countertop Tray VT10200
24” x 11” x 3”, 5.5 lbs.
Sturdy dividers offering storage options for all the professional accessories stored neatly and in order. It’s designed with 6 tall slots with notches for cord organization, a compartment for neck strip tissue dispenser (included) and 12 short slots for blades. Features the option to have it tilted on your station. Comes with a slide-in bamboo lid with a latch for a paddle lock.

Countertop CRS VT10201
Perfect for combs, razors and shears. Includes five slots for your combs or shears, four slots for razors or scissors, and a compartment for our neck strip dispenser (included) or for storage of small items. Includes a slide out lid.

Countertop BC VT10202
This storage unit is made with natural bamboo, features two storage compartments that are lined with soft black felt, a compartment for a tablet or smartphone and ten removable slots for clipper guides. Includes a slide out lid.

Neck Strip Dispenser VT166
This bamboo dispenser will hold your Neck Strips in a stylish manor, adding elegance and a natural style to your work station. The dispenser features a finger dent to help easily open to refill the strips and 2 magnets to make sure it stays closed.