Our purpose is to provide hair stylist and barbers with high quality tools and equipment to accent their professional artistry.

Our mission Is to fulfill professional needs by providing the best products and services for the ever-changing hair salon and barber industry. Sewicob International Inc. is dedicated to introducing high quality products through emerging technologies and innovations in merchandise production.

We value dependable and elegant products to exceed through masterful craftsmanship and services.

Sewicob designs and manufacture products to create the standard of hair designing tools and equipment and provide a wide variety of merchandise for convenience while maintaining optimal product quality

Highlight of the Month (April)

Vincent Rainbow Shears

Offset Handle
Japanese Stainless Steel
Adjustable tension control
Striking Metalic Rainbow Effect
Lifetime Warranty

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We Design For Artist

Sewicob International Inc. creates products for the hair stylist and barbers to master their craft and their business. We believe in tools that focus on the quality itself without compromising elegance. The Vincent brand accents the artistry and high standards hair stylists and barbers hold while the Yanaki brand showcases upscale quality, professionalism and respect the creator has for the client. Sewicob understands being a hair stylist or a barber means being versatile, a master of a craft and business savvy. We want to provide every need. Through Vincent and Yanaki; we offer furniture, apparel, shears, tools, garments, and other sundries to cover all the bases.

Vincent, The Quality Itself

Named after Vincent Van Gogh, the Vincent products highlight the artistry in hair design. The quality itself showcases the expression and finesse of the hair artist and the Vincent product.


Yanaki adds high quality elegance and professionalism to any salon or barbershop. Using traditional methods with modern innovations, Yanaki can simultaneously accentuate comfort and luxury.

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